11 years of GPeC

We started in 2006, when in Romania e-commerce was almost insignificant. We supported the industry and its growth right from the start and, according to your feedback, we became the most important e-commerce event in Romania. Check out how the last 9 editions of GPeC brought to the Romanian e-commerce industry.

About GPeC 2006

GPeC 2006 reunited approximately 140 participants, management officials from banks, card issuing organizations, payment processors, online advertising agencies, webdesign agencies and online shops.

Jury ranking criteria for online shops registered with the GPeC 2006 competition concerned the following aspects:

  • design
  • functionality
  • content
  • originality and visibility
  • professionalism / customer experience

GPeC 2006 Jury consisted of:

  • Gheorghe Bavro, Director BRD
  • Catalin Cretu, Vicepresident Business Development VISA CEMEA
  • Marius Deak, General Manager Green Pixel
  • Dragos Dehelean, General Manager SELENIS
  • Lucian Despoiu, Managing Partner Kondiment
  • Claudiu Gamulescu, General Manager Underclick
  • Bogdan Manolea, Legi-Internet & Executive Director APTI
  • Marin Mitroi, General Manager RomCard
  • Doru Panaitescu, Online Sales Manager ARBOmedia
  • Cristian Rizescu, Managing Senior Partner WSI Romania
  • Mihai Seceleanu, CEO Wall-Street & 9AM
  • Alin Zainescu, General Manager new media Agency (ComunicateDePresa)

The winners of GPeC 2006 were named according to RomCard figures, according to jury assessment and according to the organisers’ decision (Link 2 eCommerce proprietary awards). The winners were:

  • Raiffeisen Bank: The highest numbers of enrolled merchants at the end of 2005 (49 Romanian merchants)
  • BCR: Highest number of cards enrolled by a bank within the 3D Secure System (800.000 cards)
  • Raiffeisen Bank: Highest number of cards active within the 3D Secure system (1.200 de cards)
  • Banca Tiriac: Highest average transaction value through e-commerce card (186 USD)
  • Alpha Bank: Highest number of cards enrolled within Secure – Issued without Approval (35.000 cards)
  • BCR: Highest number of transactions and highest volume processed by a bank (124.115 transactions- total of 22.780.000 USD).

Link 2 eCommerce Proprietary Awards were granted to:

  • Zsolt Nagy (MCTI) – best online industry project: Virtual Payments Office
  • Visa and MasterCard for promotion of the 3D Secure security standard
  • RomCard for implementing the 3D Secure platform in Romania
  • BRD-GSG – best promotion of e-commerce done by a bank
  • NoCash – best cards industry promotion
  • Legi-Internet.ro – only website focused on internet laws
  • Computer Bild – best e-commerce analysis

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