11 years of GPeC

We started in 2006, when in Romania e-commerce was almost insignificant. We supported the industry and its growth right from the start and, according to your feedback, we became the most important e-commerce event in Romania. Check out how the last 9 editions of GPeC brought to the Romanian e-commerce industry.

About GPeC 2009

A record-number of 63 online shops registered with the GPeC 2009 competition and went through a comprehensive assessment against 96 jury ranking criteria and were analysed both by online specialists and by normal consumers. At the same time, each online shop was tested as far as usability is concerned with the purpose of bringing forward the problems clients encounter when ordering online.

On the other hand, GPec awards targeted all entities directly involved in the e-commerce activity starting from payments processing banks and ending with fast delivery companies, price comparison engines. We also paid a special attention to innovative actions such as online advertising campaigns and e-commerce originality.

“We tried to capture all important sides of e-commerce activitym this is why we have granted awards based on figures, jury assessment and market feedback. I hope we succeeded”, says Andrei Radu, Link 2 eCommerce director and GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala organiser.

“The key factor for GPeC is transparency. Personally, I don’t believe in awards granted just for the sake of a ceremony, I don’t believe in events where everyone leaves home happy because they received a trophy but they have no ideas why as they have no access to jury assessment reports. What we try to do here at GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala is summed up this way: jury members  that don’t talk to one another, usability tests, normal consumers that grade online shops just as they see fit, statistical data and a maximum degree of transparency. The most important aspect: assessment reports.”, continues Andrei Radu.

Structured in award categories, the winners of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala 2009 were:

  • BRD-GSG (the highest number of cards active within 3D Secure)
  • Banca Transilvania (the highest number of merchants enrolled within 3D Secure)
  • BRD-GSG (Bank of the Year in E-Commerce for the highest processed volume)
  • FAN Courier (best fast delivery company)
  • ShopMania.ro (best price comparison engine)
  • Orange Romania (best online campaign – “Heat is good for discounts”)
  • Gabriel Vasile (innovation in e-commerce for the PCGarage ReturnMeter and Click2Call)

As far as online shops awards go, the winners list is:

  • LiveMag.ro (IT&C category)
  • Strollers.ro (Kids Articles category)
  • GSMnet.ro (Telecommunications category)
  • FashionUp.ro (Fashion category)
  • FloriLaBucuresti.ro (Gifts category)
  • Eco-iluminat.ro (Home category)
  • LibHumanitas.ro (Books & Magazines category)
  • GPS-auto.ro (Special/Seasonal category)
  • MamaNatura.ro (Health & Beauty category)
  • PeApa.ro (Hobby & Entertainment)

Best Start-ups in E-Commerce 2009 awards were given to LiveMag.ro and Strollers.ro at equal number of points after the jury assessment.

Shop of the Year in E-Commerce – most important GPeC 2009 awards – was granted to Vexio.ro.

At the same time, the normal consumers decided, after the usability tests, that the winners of the “User’s Choice” awards are:

  • LiveMag.ro – User’s Choice – Best Start-Up in E-Commerce
  • LibHumanitas.ro – User’s Choice – Best traditional Online Shop

“I congratulate all the winners of the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala. I am happy for them and I want to thank all the participants for the courage to say “We want a performant clean e-commerce” – because this is what GPeC means.”, says Andrei Radu.

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