11 years of GPeC

We started in 2006, when in Romania e-commerce was almost insignificant. We supported the industry and its growth right from the start and, according to your feedback, we became the most important e-commerce event in Romania. Check out how the last 9 editions of GPeC brought to the Romanian e-commerce industry.

About GPeC 2011

On the 22nd of November 2011, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, GPeC E-commerce Awards Gala announced its 6th edition’s winners. The event reunited a total of 250 participants for the 2 modules – GPeC Conferences and GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala – and was watched by another 200 persons (statistic available just for GPeC’s website, although GPeC was also broadcasted by other websites and blogs like Wall-Street.ro, PaginaDeMedia.ro, Manager.ro, Blogatu.ro etc.), LTV being the partner that ensured the broadcast.

GPeC Conferences reunited famous names of the online industry who debated hot topics and news for online shops and online entrepreneurs. Our special lineup of speakers included Marius Ghenea (FIT Distribution), Doina Costache (Google Romania), Cristian Herghelegiu (PayU Romania), Radoslaw Hofman (Pay U Polonia), Dorin Boerescu (2Parale) etc., but also our special guest through broadcast –Bryan Eisenberg (one of the best world-wide marketing online and conversion optimization specialists).

The GPeC awards ceremony started with an entertainment moment by the “Improvizati” band – a standup comedy show that entertained our audience and got them in the right mood for the evening celebration. The next moment was our special e-commerce market overview feature video, followed by the GPeC 2011 trophies ceremony.

The current edition of GPeC was the most complex so far, 61 online shops participating in the compation and going through 3 evaluation stages during the 8 competition months. The online shops were analysed by 17 specialists against 89 assessment criteria, in order to analyse their evolution the whole year long.

Also, approximately 120 normal consumers graded the GPeC online shops, the merchants therefore receiving a real feedback of those shopping online from their business.

Last but not least, the registered online shops had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the GPeC jury members who got the chance to explain their grades and give them recommendations on how to improve their business. At the same time, they had the opportunity to participate in the first E-Commerce Summer School in Romania, consisting of a series of trainings and case studies by Romanian online specialists.

The purpose of GPeC is that of increasing the quality of the Romanian online shops and, thus, increasing the trust of the online consumers in internet transactions and online shopping – the merchants also received the TRUSTED.ro trust brand (The National Program of Online Shops Certification, initiated by GPeC together with Legi-Internet.ro and the Association for the Protection of Romanian Consumers).

The awards granted yesterday by GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala targeted the whole e-commerce industry from payments processing banks to online shops and services providers. The winners have been chosen according to RomCard statistics, jury ranking assessments and consumer feedbacks, as well as feedback received from the online shops registered with the competition.

The winners of GPeC 2012 were:

Awards given according to RomCard statistics

  • Banca Transilvania – the most effective bank as far as the enrollment of 3D Secure cards is concerned (over 1 million cards enrolled over the last year)
  • BRD-GSG – the highest number of cards active in 3D Secure (54.810 active cards)
  • Banca Transilvania – the highest number of merchants enrolled within 3D Secure (186 merchants)
  • BRD-GSG – Bank of the Year in E-Commerce – highest processed volume (1.992.569 transactions)

GPeC proprietary awards (granted by consulting the online shops registered with the GPeC competition)

  • FAN Courier – best fast delivery company
  • ShopMania.ro – most effective price comparison engine
  • Magento – best e-commerce solution/platform
  • Google AdWords – most effective external marketing service

Online shops awards, grated according to jury assessment, for each category of services/products (total number of points):

Food and Beverages

Pronat.ro 806.83 – award was not granted

Sports, Hobby and Entertainment

  1. SportAddict.ro 871.83
  2. PeApa.ro 816.16
  3. WinterMag.ro 802.49
  4. TarabaDeJocuri.ro 733.50

Baby, Kids and Toys

  1. Strollers.ro 893.16
  2. Edukid.ro 833.66
  3. ToyToy.ro 819.50
  4. Ookee.ro 780.49
  5. Buburuza.ro 766.33
  6. EcoMami.ro 745.83
  7. Bebelusi.com 703.83
  8. IngerasulTau.ro 680.66
  9. 101jucarii.ro 667.33

Stationery and Office Equipment

  1. Papetarie.ro 725.66
  2. ExpertBirotica.ro 657.16

Gifts and Flowers

  1. Cadouri-Originale.ro 865.66
  2. Floria.ro 838.50
  3. FloriDeLux.ro 825.16
  4. iLux.ro 756.99
  5. Coriolan.ro 746.66
  6. LuxuryGifts.ro 742.50
  7. Silverzone.ro 728.33
  8. OnlineBijoux.ro 646.33
  9. Diamante.ro 590.33

Books, Magazines and Media

  1. BuyBooks.ro 781.99
  2. Dol.ro 749.99

Home and Garden

  1. Eco-Iluminat.ro 862.66
  2. Deco-Perete.ro 796.16
  3. Intax.ro 789.33
  4. CleaningRomania.ro 705.66
  5. Shop.4interior.ro 685.00
  6. LopetiDeZapada.ro 535.50


  1. TaraFashion.ro 846.66
  2. Dasha.ro 787.16
  3. FashionUp.ro 748.50
  4. MyCloset.ro 717.00
  5. 24shop.ro 709.83
  6. Cristallini.ro 703.50
  7. BeSensual.ro 644.00
  8. Margele.net 610.00

IT&C, Electronics and Home Appliances

  1. Gamesline.ro 825.33
  2. Remington-Style.ro 797.83
  3. Spy-tech.ro 797.66
  4. Cartuse-Imprimante.net 795.16
  5. Altshop.ro 789.49
  6. MagazinIeftin.ro 761.83
  7. FunGadgets.ro 726.99
  8. Shop.ComputerGames.ro 720.66
  9. Pro.ro 709.66
  10. eLog.ro 647.99
  11. DualSim.ro 553.83


  1. Animal-Vet.ro 841.83
  2. PetShop4You.ro 709.99

Health and Beauty

  1. Wellness.ro 801.66
  2. e-Cosmetic.ro 796.33
  3. FarmaciaStejara.ro 719.99
  4. Slimandfit.ro 636.33


  1. RCAsuperIeftin.ro 689.66
  2. AsigurariDeVacanta.ro 654.66
  3. FunkyBiz.ro 624.00

According to the jury ranking assessment the most important GPeC 2011 awards have been granted as well:

ANIMAL-VET.ro – Best Start-up GPeC 2011

STROLLERS.ro – Best Experienced Online Shop GPeC 2011

User’s Choice awards, granted based on consumers’ votes

Cartuse-Imprimante.net – Best Start-up User’s Choice GPeC 2011

24Shop.ro – Best Experienced Online Shop User’s Choice GPeC 2011

The consumers jury was formed of approximately 120 persons, which awarded grades from 1 to 5 (1 being weakest and 5 being best) for the following 6 questions:

  1. Do you like the way this website looks like? (design, attractiveness, first impression upon website opening)
  2. How easy is it to find the product you wish to order?
  3. Did you find enough information about the product you chose on the website? (detailed description, complete specifications, relevant quality pictures)
  4. How easy was it to find information related to price, delivery, stock, warranties etc.?
  5. How difficult was it to order the product you chose? (were there any errors, did you not understand what was requested from you in the online order form, was the online order form too complex etc.)
  6. Grade to what extent you would come back to this website to order or to what extent you would recommend it to your friends?

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