GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala November 5, 2019

The GPeC trophy with your name marked under the "GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala" title is not just a plaque. It is the recognition of the fact that YOU have a word to say in e-commerce, that YOU are a leader, a responsible market player worthy of your customers' trust. And for that, we salute you! Chapeau bas!

Rewarding performance in Romanian E-Commerce for 14 years!

Trofeele Gala Premiilor eCommerce in urma Competitiei GPeCThe 14th edition of the eCommerce Awards Gala will be held on the evening of November 5, 2019, at the National Theatre of Bucharest, where the entire industry will join us to celebrate the e-commerce winners of the year during the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala.

The GPeC E-Commerce Awards are the most wanted awards in the online industry, because our distinctions are awarded on true merit to online shops registered with the GPeC Competition and are the result of consistent efforts, professionalism and true facts. The GPeC e-commerce awards cannot be bought.

GPeC 2019 Award Categories

3 main categories reward the efforts of the e-commerce market players who have achieved remarkable results:

  • The GPeC Online Shops Competition Awards, given according to GPeC jury evaluation;
  • The agency awards, given to digital agencies that have worked hard to develop the winning online shops;
  • The GPeC Awards, given to the companies who offer e-commerce services and solutions for their 2018 performance and important achievements;

The GPeC Online Shops Competition Awards

The GPeC Online Shops Competition Awards are offered according to the rankings given by the 2019 GPeC jury, in the two evaluation stages and based on the over 200 evaluation criteria, for each competition group and category.

Group nominations
  • Best online shop in the Start-up group;
  • Best online shop in the Experienced group;
  • Best online shop in the Professional group.
Categories (according to sold products/services)
  • Food and Beverage
  • Classifieds
  • Sporting equipments
  • Auto, Moto and Machinery
  • Baby, Kids, Toys and Childcare
  • Stationery and Office Equipment
  • DIY, Garden and Tools
  • Gifts and Jewelry
  • Books, Magazines, eBooks, Music and Film
  • Security and Surveillance Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Flower shops
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hobby, Leisure and Entertainment
  • Home & Deco
  • IT&C, Electronics and Home Appliances
  • Pet Shop
  • Organic, natural & BIO products
  • Online Services
  • Shopping Club
  • Supermarket, Mall, Marketplace
  • Travel

Awards will be given for each category that meets a minimum of 2 participants. If your online shop matches no competition category or you have other category suggestions, please contact us with your proposals. GPeC will establish new competition categories according to participants’ interest.

Agencies awards

Are given to companies / agencies* that have contributed to the success of the winning online shops with:

  • The e-commerce solution on which winning online shops are developed (whether it is a Romanian platform or international solutions implemented by Romanian agencies);
  • SEO agencies that have worked for the winning online shops;
  • Mobile agencies (if the winning online shops have a Mobile app).

In case there are other types of services provided by the digital agencies, există și alte tipuri de servicii asigurate de agenții, please contact us with your proposals. We reserve our right to establish new competition categories according to participants’ interest.

*Prizes are awarded only to online shops that have outsourced the above services to Romanian companies and are designated as winners in the GPeC 2019 Competition.

We recommend all agencies to enter the online shops in their portfolio in the GPeC 2019 Competition.

The 2019 GPeC Awards

Will reward the performance and special results of companies providing e-commerce solutions and services, such as: web development agencies, fast delivery courier services, e-commerce tools, digital marketing and communication agencies, affiliate networks, price comparison engines etc., as well as key players and people that have contributed to market development throughout the year, specialized journalists and any entity/actions meant at promoting e-commerce on a national level. The GPeC awards will be given via consultative voting with the industry and online shops’ representatives.

Will you be one of the winners of GPeC 2019?

GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala Photo Gallery

14 years of GPeC. 14 years of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala. 14 years since we started rewarding the best of the Romanian E-Commerce market. On November 5th, we greet you and shake your hand in a festive setting, together with the elite of the E-Commerce market!

Below you can browse a photo selection of the 2018 GPeC Awards Gala, hosted by Andi Moisescu.