GPeC Trainings 2019, Bucharest

The third series of GPeC Trainings take place on November 20-21-22, 2019 in Bucharest. We've designed for you 3 days of intensive E-Commerce & Online Marketing courses full of practical exercises, together with some of the best trainers in Romania!

GPeC Trainings November 20-22, Bucharest – Premium Intensive E-Commerce & Marketing Online courses

GPeC Trainings cursuri intensive premium de e-commerce si marketing onlineWe have picked up and put together the best industry specialists to bring you GPeC Trainings powered by FAN Courier – the only series of intensive E-Commerce & Marketing Online courses. Join today and grow your sales and online shop! Our main goal is to give you all the right tools to build a  successful e-commerce business.

The GPeC Trainings courses take place during 3 days x 6 hours each, meaning no less than 18 hours of practical content, full of solid examples and exercises to help you develop your online business.

Your trainers are expert practitioners with a huge experience in eCommerce & Digital Marketing, so that you only learn from the very best.

GPeC Trainings, November 20-21-22, 2019, Bucharest

The third GPeC Trainings edition will take place in Bucharest on November 20-21-22, 2019. Fill out the registration form to book your seat at GPeC Trainings Bucharest.

Course topics

GPeC Trainings Cursuri intensive de E-Commerce si Marketing Online Cluj-NapocaLearn all you need to know about managing a successful online store at GPeC Trainings November 20-21-22, Bucharest

  • Current e-commerce market state – brief x-ray of the market so that you know exactly where we stand, what are the main market verticals, which are the least exploited niches, what is the average shopping cart value according to each vertical, what people buy, how they pay, what are the market particularities, what is the profile of the Romanian consumer, etc.
  • Usability / User Experience – how to have an easy-to-navigate online shop that responds to user needs and actually helps you increase your conversion rate. For both Mobile and Desktop. The important UX principles will cover all sections of the website (from Homepage to Thank You Page) and will be accompanied by examples of the participants’ online shops. We will have practical tasks and work in teams to identify the main UX problems of the online shops in the room.
  • Google Analytics – introduction to Google Analytics, Google Analytics user interface tour, how to install Google Analytics correctly (implementation checklist), step by step Google Analytics goal setting (practical exercise), the e-commerce equation, advanced reports and segments (practical exercises), marking the external marketing campaigns correctly (practical exercise).
  • SEO Masterclass – A Step-by-Step Approach to Success in Google – If you want your business to stand out in Google results page, but you’re not willing to spend years learning SEO, we’ve got you covered. This masterclass was designed as a practical how-to guide, synthesizing over 12 years of SEO experience in a step-by-step methodology, following the principles of accelerated learning. Basically, from the moment you exit the training room, you will already be able to apply advanced SEO techniques for your business, in order to gain significant advantage over the competitors. This SEO masterclass covers the whole range of SEO activities. We will talk about how Google works, how to build a SEO strategy, technical parts, content for SEO, link building and many other ingredients of SEO success. The masterclass is aimed at all those who want to learn a proven SEO methodology, in a practical and easy to understand way and in a short time.
  • GPeC Trainings Cluj-Napoca curs Liviu Taloi Google Analytics E-CommerceGrowth Marketing for E-Commerce –  how to use data to understand the context, how to understand the growth drivers for an e-commerce business and how to set and achieve strategic growth goals in e-commerce.
  • E-Commerce legislation – the most common legal problems in online commerce which can cause you unwanted tax fines; the online shops’ rights and obligations – starting with what you should display on your website to agreements and products return policies.
  • Google Ads – we’ll go through the basics of Google Ads Search and Display to understand how the bid works, what the anatomy of an ad, how to set your CPC, bidding tactics, main campaign settings. We will discuss the basic KPIs to follow in Google Ads – Quality Score and how it is calculated. We will then identify the keywords that are most appropriate for your business using the basic keyword research tools. We’ll go through keyword matchtypes and how to pick the keywords we bid on. We’ll create our first Google Ads Search campaign and go through all the steps of setting it up. We’ll then discuss the main key places we need to check in a Google Ads account and a Google Analytics account to see how Google Ads campaigns perform. Tips & tricks with practical examples for successful Google Ads campaigns.
  • Facebook Ads – We’ll cover the “theoretical” principles of Facebook Ads and specific KPIs we need to consider (Relevance Score, placements, custom audiences, lookalike audiences). We then plan the basic settings of our first Facebook Ads campaign. We close the workshop with practical examples and Facebook Ads tips & tricks from our vast experiences so far and discuss the main KPIs to be followed.

Those are the main topics we’ll dissect in 3 days for you to sell more. However, the list doesn’t stop here…

When, where and who can attend GPeC Trainings?

When and where?

Cea de a treia ediție anuală a GPeC Trainings – seria de cursuri intensive de E-Commerce & Marketing Online – se va desfășura în București, în zilele de 20-21-22 Noiembrie 2019. Locul de defășurare urmează să fie anunțat în foarte scurt timp. The third annual edition of GPeC Trainings – the series of E-Commerce & Marketing Online intensive courses – will take place in Bucharest, on November 20-21-22, 2019. We will soon announce the exact location. 

Who can attend GPeC Trainings?

All those interested in starting an online business or who are already working in e-commerce and want to grow their business: online shops, e-commerce services and solutions providers, e-commerce tools and platforms, e-commerce payment processors, delivery companies, specialized agencies, to put it short, anyone who is directly interested in selling online.

The seats are limited to 25 participants

The number of seats for GPeC Trainings Bucharest is limited to maximum 25 participants – so we advise you to fill out the registration form as soon as possible to save yours.

Costs and benefits

What’s in it for you and how much it cost you?

  • you get 3 days of intensive E-Commerce & Marketing Online courses, meaning no less than 18 hours of genuine, directly applicable, hands-on content, accompanied by lots of practical exercises -> you’ll know exactly what to do to grow your online business;
  • our trainers have extensive experience in the industry, are actively involved in e-commerce and don’t give speeches from the books -> you learn only from the best, #NoBullshit;
  • you get tons of examples and how tos, directly from your site –> you will know exactly what you’re doing right, but also what needs to be fixed and how to do it to increase online sales;
  • all courses focus on the most important aspects for the success of an online shop –> if you follow the recommendations, chances are you’ll become one of the market leaders;
  • at GPeC Trainings we call things by their name, we don’t use hierarchies, we answer all questions –> you win long term friends, you have quality networking and join the GPeC Family.

Note: there are only 25 seats available.

Participation fee

  • Access to 6 detailed course modules – tailored for the participants’ business needs and full of exercises and practical examples, 2 coffee breaks & snacks / day, training support, access to the participants and trainers contact information: 1,499 lei + VAT / the person

*The participation fee does not include participants’ accommodation, transport and main meals costs. Entries are ongoing and will end as soon as the 25 available seats are filled.  Hurry up and save your seat!

GPeC Trainings participants testimonials

Andreea Sălăgean

“This complex course gives you at least 80% of what you need to know when you want to open an online shop. Congratulations! You’ve exceeded my expectations and I now have a long To Do List to implement.”

Corina Radu

“A unique experience. We learned so much from wonderful people who, besides the information itself, passed on true passion and positive energy.”

 Melina Bîzu

“I learned a lot! There was so much new information and I realized I knew little about Marketing. But thanks to the course I now have a clear foundation on which to build. All my best thoughts to all my trainers!”

Mihai Lungu

“All the modules were very instructive. Professional and nice speakers. A very pleasant experience. Thanks!”

Reka Roșca

“During my 7 years of experience in online marketing I have attended quite a few courses / trainings in the marketing area. Most of them pretty bad :( So I signed up for GPeC Trainings with pretty low expectations, but I was impressed by the quality of the information and how passionate you are! Congratulations and hope to see you again soon!”


Andrei Radu GPeC E-Commerce și Marketing OnlineAndrei Radu

CEO & Founder GPeC și Co-Founder

Andrei Radu is, for 14 years, the organizer of GPeC – the biggest e-commerce event in Romania and Eastern Europe – and Co-Founder – The National Program for Online Shops Certification, which he set up with and The Association for Consumer Protection in Romania. He is a  User Experience and E-Commerce expert and offers specialized consultancy regarding the e-commerce market in Romania and Eastern Europe and business opportunities in these markets. Andrei is also a Usability and Customer Experience in e-commerce trainer, being invited as a speaker at many national and international conferences.

Liviu Taloi ECOMpediaLIVIU TALOI

Co-Founder ECOMpedia & Community Manager GPeC

Liviu Taloi is Co-Founder of, having over 17 years of online marketing experience and over 11 in e-commerce. Liviu was, among other things, PR Manager at eMAG, and in 2005 he founded Web Audit, a web consulting company specialized in e-commerce and website evaluation. Liviu was selected regional trainer in the Google Partner Academy on Google Analytics by Cardinal Path. He also has a Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Horia Neagu GPeC E-Commerce TrainingsHoria Neagu

Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant Napoleon Digital

Horia Neagu (Founder Napoleon.Digital) would describe himself as a citizen of the internet and a digital polymath. While some remember their first love, Horia keeps the memory of his first searches on Lycos, the first site built on GeoCities and his first IRC botnet channel. Horia has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for almost 16 years, having developed marketing campaigns for verticals such as telecom, banking, pharma, airline, ticketing, publishing, food & beverages and politics.

Raluca Radu Founder MTH Digital & Co-Organizer GPeCRaluca Radu

Country Manager & Founder MTH Digital

Raluca Radu is Country Manager of, Founder of MTH Digital and GPeC events Co-Organizer. With over 14 years experience in digital marketing and online business strategy and e-commerce, Raluca is actively involved in the e-commerce market growth and education, being a trainer of the online marketing and e-commerce courses for DallesGO and a strategy and online marketing consultant for digital start-ups. Raluca is an Automatics and Computers graduate who has been in charge of entering the Romanian market and has successfully led online teams and projects within Naspers, The Group, F64,

Valentin Radu Omniconvert GPeC E-Commerce TrainingsVALENTIN RADU

Founder Omniconvert

Valentin Radu is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in technology and online marketing. He is Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, a conversion optimization platform that has received many international awards. Valentin is known for his overflowing positive energy, creativity and know-how in marketing and business. He is also an international speaker, often keynoting on e-commerce, conversion optimization, online marketing, business strategy and growth hacking.

Bogdan Manolea Co-Founder TRUSTED & Advisor GPeCBogdan Manolea

Co-Founder & Advisor GPeC

Bogdan Manolea is a legal consultant focusedon areas such as information technology law, intellectual / industrial property, and any area involving law, the Internet and civic attitude. Bogdan s the co-founder of (the Romanian online shops trustmark), Executive Director of the Technology and Internet Association and owner of the Legile Internetului (Internet Laws) webpage, which, since 2001, showcases the main developments in information technology law.