GPeC 2019 Online Shops Competition

Every online shop that is interested in evaluating and improving its e-commerce performance and website experience should register for the GPeC 2019 Online Shops Competition. Improved performance will quickly translate in increased sales. What are you waiting for? Have your online shop evaluated now!

GPeC jury evalutation criteria – the most complex guide on how to have a successful online shop

Last days to register in the GPeC Competition: last minute offer until June 21st, at 23:59!

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For 14 years, GPeC jury evaluation criteria are the most complex international public guide on how to optimize an online shop in order to offer users a pleasant browsing experience and to convert better / sell more.

Over 25 E-Commerce and Online Marketing experts – members of GPeC 2019 Jury – will evaluate each online shop enrolled in the GPeC Competition following over 200 evaluation criteria, essential for any online business: from Usability, Design, Customer Experience, GDPR, SEO, Security, Mobile, E-Mail Marketing, Content and Social Media, Legal Aspects, to the Quality of the shop’s Services and Order Processing in a professional manner.

Each shop registered in the GPeC 2019 Competition receives an individual and fully confidential evaluation report containing the GPeC Jury’s scores and recommendations according to the over 200 evaluation criteria. More specific, you will have your website completely x-rayed and will be able to see what and how needs to be fixed in order to increase your conversion rate and sell more. For both Mobile and Desktop versions of your website.

In case a certain criteria is not relevant for your business profile, it will be marked N/A (not applicable), so that your shop is not penalized for no reason.

VIDEO: Check out in the 1.5 minute video below how can the GPeC Competition can help your online shop grow!

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Have your website evaluated for the next 7 months

We strongly believe an accurate evaluation report for your online shop is the result of an extensive evaluation process. That’s why each shop registered with GPeC is assessed in 2 different evaluation stages, at different moments in time.

What do we do here at GPeC:

  • immediately after registration, we assess each online shop in order to make sure it fully complies with the pre-screening criteria;
  • once you are accepted in the competition, each online shop is assessed by the GPeC jury following over 200 evaluation criteria, essential to any online business;
  • following the initial evaluation stage, the online shops receive the evaluation report and have the opportunity to discuss it with the jury members and ask for their recommendations (July 18, 2019);
  • after the jury meetings, online shops have a dedicated timeframe when they get the chance to solve the issues pointed out by the jury (optimizations, implementations and fine-tuning take place during July 19 – September 20);
  • at the end of the competition, the jury reevaluates each online shops, observing and grading its evolution in time (September 23 – October 11);
  • once more, online shops receive the evaluation report and get the chance to discuss it with the jury members (October 23, 2019);
  • taking into account the final grades, we decide the winners of the 14th annual edition of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala (November 5, 2019).

GPeC Consultancy Meetings

Daniel Craciun Lensa despre auditul GPeC si dublarea ratei de conversie in urma participarii la Competitia Magazinelor Online GPeC

From my standpoint, GPeC Competition gives you more than just an evaluation of your website. GPeC means clarity, it means to be above average. For, GPeC has always been a “holy guide” that we have followed. We have thus doubled our conversion rate to 2 years and we managed to exponentially increase our sales. I gladly recommend the GPeC Competition to every online shop, in order to make life easier for consumers. Plus, the e-commerce market will grow even faster, so we all have to win. – Daniel Crăciun – Founder

After the first evaluation stage, we invite the online shops registered with the Competition to discuss face-to-face with the jury members (or by Skype or e-mail according to jury members’ agendas) and receive explanations / recommendations for their scores, ask questions and benefit from free specialised consultancy, tailored for their business.

Specifically, online shops registered with the GPeC Competition go through a first evaluation stage and receive assessment reports consisting of jury explanations and remarks. On July 18, they get the chance to meet the jury members face-to-face and discuss the evaluation reports and receive recommendations on how to improve their website.

The GPeC 2019 Consultancy Meetings will be held in Bucharest, the venue will be announced shortly.

  • The online shops will be scheduled and will receive via e-mail the date and time when they are invited to attend the meeting;
  • The GPeC jury will explain the main issues found during evaluation and will provide advice on how to solve them;
  • During the allocated time (approximately 90 minutes / shop), each shop may request additional advice or ask questions on other matters than the ones in the jury evaluation report.

The online shops that are unable to physically attend the GPeC 2019 Consultancy Meetings will submit their questions or concerns via e-mail in the next 3 calendar days after the GPeC Consultancy Meetings and no later. On the other hand, if some of the jury members can’t make it to the GPeC Consultancy Meetings in person, they can offer e-mail or Skype consultancy to online shops regarding the evaluation reports.

After the GPeC Consultancy Meetings, online shops have time (from July 19 to September 20) to implement the jury recommendations in order to be better prepared to enter the final stage of the evaluation.

After the second jury evaluation stage (September 23 – October 11), online shops have the chance to meet the jury members again, in order to receive their final recommendations and conclusions. The second round of GPeC Consultancy Meetings is set for October 23, 2019.

*Note: The dates set for GPeC 2019 Consultancy Meetings can be slightly modified according to the venue’s availability and to the number of online shops that confirm their participation. Any change will be announced in time to all participants.

Alexandru Clain despre participarea magazinului online in Competitia GPeC Alexandru Clain, about GPeC Consultancy Meetings: “In 2013 I made one of the best decisions for the development of our e-commerce business: I participated for the first time in the GPeC Competition. The advice I received every year from the jury helped us offer our clients a better online shopping experience and this has significantly grown our sales in time. If you want your online shop to become a real trademark in its market, participating in the GPeC Online Shops Competition is a must”.

Jury members



Digital Marketing Director Zitec

Dan Toma is Digital Marketing Director at Zitec and has over 9 years experience in Digital Marketing with a focus on strategy, performance marketing, programmatic & direct media buying, as well as data & analytics. During this timespan, his portfolio grew to more than 100 clients in industries such as: Auto, Finance/Banking, E-Commerce, Pharma, Telecom, FMCG, Home Appliances/Electronics, for which he managed budgets of over 20 million EUR.



Head of Small Business Unit 123 Form Builder

Irina Bucurenciu is Head of Small Business Unit at 123 Form Builder and has over 10 years of experience in online business strategy and planning, performance measurement, User Experience analysis for industries such as Telecom, IT&C and software. Irina is dedicated to building successful online organisations.



Digital Commercial Manager Vodafone

Passionate about Online Marketing and E-Commerce, Răzvan Acsente has coordinated both the e-commerce launch of important brands such as Atmospherefashion, as well as the optimization and online promotion campaigns of the largest e-commerce website,, or other online shops in categories such as fashion, auto, home and garden, office & stationery, kids products, gifts or alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks. Currently, Razvan is Head of Marketing Naspers Classifieds RO & EU CLM Lead for OLX, the largest online classifieds site in Romania.

gejza nagy


Co-Founder Luigi’s Box

Gejza Nagy is a co-founder at Luigi’s Box, with over 10 years’ experience in e-commerce and conversion rate optimisation. Luigi’s Box is a Site Search and Product Discovery Suite for e-commerce and currently is helping more than 150 e-commerce and enterprise businesses in 15 countries to improve their onsite search experience. They received a Search Industry Award for the “Most Promising Start-Up” by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group under the British Computer Society (BCS) in London. He is also Partner in UX/Development Studio –

Dan Virtopeanu


Managing Partner Breeze Mobile

With over 25 years of experience in the IT&C industry, Dan Vîrtopeanu has devoted his last 12 years to mobile marketing and mobile payment solutions. He acted in the development of a diverse portfolio of mobile campaigns via SMS, mobile web, mobile applications and other tactical tools, many of these campaigns being a premiere in Romania. In 2012 he founded Breeze Mobile, one of the few local mobile marketing agencies, winning 10 awards at various industry competitions (Mobile Awards, Mobilio, Effie).


Founder Data Revolt Agency

Cosmin Năstasă runs his own Data Marketing agency, Data Revolt Agency, a Data Marketing agency. Previously, Cosmin joined the online industry 13 years ago and has since experienced the birth and growth of business and online ideas. Now, along with a team of professionals, he delivers smart solutions for online businesses, based on advanced analytics in Performance Marketing.

Lucia Ciuca Quantum Data Science


Managing Director Quantum Data Science

Lucia Ciucă is Managing Director of Quantum Data Science, the newest Data Technology company in Romania, member of The Group, the largest independent group of communication and marketing companies in the country. During 2011-2012, Lucia was Research Manager at eMAG, subsequently promoted to the position of Director of Marketing and Communication at eMAG, where she spent more than 3 years with the team of the largest e-commerce website on the local market.

Andrei Georgescu White Image


Managing Director White Image

Andrei Georgescu is Co-Founder and Managing Director of White Image for 15 years now. He is passionate about data and solutions that generate results. Currently, White Image delivers Data Management and E-Mail Marketing solutions for clients in the e-commerce, banking, auto, HR industries. Andrei is also a teacher at the IAA School where he teaches E-Mail Marketing.



Managing Director & Online Marketing Consultant

Anabela Luca has over 6 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads), delivering results in line with the specific business goals of her customers, whether they were large-scale businesses wishing to expand internationally or small businesses efficiency-oriented. As a Google trainer, Anabela is actively involved in educating Romanian businesses in terms of AdWords and Analytics via Google Online Marketing Academy & Google Partners official programs.

Bogdan Manolea



Bogdan Manolea is a legal consultant interested in fields such as information technology legislation, intellectual / industrial property, but also any area involving law, the Internet and civic attitude. Since 2001 he is the owner of Internet Laws website, which features the main developments in information technology. Bogdan is the author of numerous presentations and articles on Law and Information Technology (e-commerce, electronic signature, domain names, jurisdiction and the Internet, the right to privacy, etc.) and the Co-Founder of



Chief Product Officer 2Performant

Bogdan Aron graduated from the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and completed an MBA program at the Maastricht School of Management Romania. Bogdan has more than 10 years experience in online marketing, eCommerce and product development, and currently serves as Chief Product Officer at 2 Performant.

Doina Vilceanu ContentSpeed


Chief Marketing Officer ContentSpeed

Doina Vîlceanu coordinates the Marketing and Sales departmentof ContentSpeed, market leader in implementing e-commerce custom software solutions. The ContentSpeed e-commerce platform is deployed for over 500 online shops and 35 B2B portals. The company’s portfolio features brands such as SEPHORA, Diverta, IL PASSO, Chicco, QuickMobile, Flormar, Betty Ice.



Managing Director GripAds

Bianca Grip, Online Marketing Expert, is known in the Romanian online industry thanks to the performance of the project, a business she has grown from the start-up stage to one of the top 3 websites in Romania. Later, Bianca founded GripAds, which helps online businesses generate revenue from traffic on the site. In 2014, she launched the most comprehensive training program on Online Marketing Strategy, This program runs in the main Romanian cities to help entrepreneurs and marketing specialists access valuable information.



Chief Canopyst @ Canopy

Cristian Ignat is the founder of Canopy, an agency that aims to take the digital to new heights. Cristian lives and breathes online marketing in general and PPC in particular. He has more than 10 years of experience in this area and has been committed to actively promoting the field, being one of the first certified Romanian trainers in Google AdWords (Dec. 2013). He was as a speaker, jury member or moderator to over 100 events in Central and Eastern Europe. He focuses on case studies and applied discussions that recommend him, thus succeeding to become the first Romanian guest speaker @Hero Conf, the largest PPC event in the world.



Founder Napoleon Digital

Horia Neagu is the Founder of Napoleon Digital. Horia would describe himself as an Internet citizen and a digital polymath. While some remember their first love, Horia keeps alive the memory of his first searches on Lycos, the first website built on GeoCities and the first IRC botnet channel. It happened in the era when sending an e-mail was not a Pavlovian reflex, but a serious commitment that lasted for several hours. Horia has been working in the Digital Marketing industry for over a decade, having managed marketing campaigns for big companies in telecom, banking, pharma, airline, ticketing, publishing, food & beverages, gambling and politics.



Managing Director Beans United

With over 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Andreea Moisa is Managing Director at Beans United, the first Inbound Marketing agency in Romania, Hubspot partner. In 2014, she launched the Inbound Marketing Seminars series (SIM), an event dedicated to all who want to learn more about the inbound marketing philosophy. Andreea is also involved in academic education, being an active member of the Titu Maiorescu University’s Center of Excellence for Increasing Performance in Higher Education.



Founder & Chief Optimizer @ UX Studio

Eugen wanted to help businesses improve their website performance, so in July 2017 he launched UX Studio to provide better user experience. Certified by Nielsen Norman Group și ConversionXL, Eugen applies User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) methods at UX Studio to identify, test and validate ways to improve conversion rates and user experience.


General Manager & Co-Founder GoMag

Cosmin Dărăban has over 16 years of experience in online business, being involved in the launching of more than 100 online shops developed by SilkWeb and GoMag platform. Cosmin is the Co-Founder and General Manager of the two companies mentioned above, and he is constantly trying to provide the best solutions for his clients.



Managing Partner Extended

Adrian Pintilie is the Creative Director and co-founder of UIS creative studio design, the online creative and development agency, awarded at GPeC via the e-commerce shops it has launched, and author of the eCommerce Extended platform. Adrian has over 10 years of experience in online. As co-founder and manager of Vexio between 2008 and 2010 – the IT&C online shop was awarded the eCommerce Awards Gala for Best Start-Up in 2008 and Shop of the Year award in 2009 – Adrian was able to observe and contribute to the rise of an online shop on the Romanian eCommerce market.



The Marketing Fairy & Co-Fondator CREADIV

Roxana Olaru is coordinating the CREADIV digital agency while also volunteering with the RBL Foundation. CREADIV offers to its 100+ Romanian and foreign clients design services (web or print), development services (web applications, online shops or websites) and online promotion (SEM or Social Media campaigns management), following the guideline: Design. Code. Launch.



Head of SEO & Managing Partner DWF

Mihai Vînătoru is Head of SEO and Managing Partner at DWF – one of the largest SEO agencies in Romania. DWF currently manages gestionează over 70 optimization campaigns for online shops or companies with national visibility in areas like auto, tourism, health, finance, home & deco etc. By using the most advanced SEO tools available and experience, DWF specialists provide powerful and measurable SEO campaigns.



General Manager Mavericks

Dragoș Smeu is General Manager and trainer at Mavericks, with over 8 years of experience in performance media and online marketing. He is specialized in performance media and Google certified trainer, so far investing budgets of over 2 million euros in performance campaigns, for over 200 clients in over 120 different industries: from online bookshops, fashion or agriculture, to B2B or online platforms in the beer industry, beauty or FMCG.



Ovidiu Joița activates in marketing and advertising for over 16 years. Over the last 15, he has mostly focused on online work, engaging in hundreds of digital projects. In 2008, he founded, his own online marketing and SEO agency. The iAgency client portfolio features big names from the Romanian online market, such as:,,,, (Total Soft),,,,, etc.



SEO Consultant MoLoSo

Daniel Ene is SEO Manager at MoLoSo and passionate about everything involving online marketing and SEO (keyword research, link building, competitive analysis, technical SEO, content, analytics). In Daniel’s opinion, SEO means: patience, determination, organization, perseverance and lots of work. Daniel was previously CMO of Agile Media.



Digital Platforms Manager Conversion

Cristian Iosub is a Digital Platforms Manager at Conversion and has more than 14 years experience in software development. With many active projects, Cristi has coordinated and developed software for over 100 international clients in areas such as eCommerce, Banking and Retail.

Aside from the projects he coordinates, Cristian also manages the main platforms developed by Conversion. Specifically, Profitshare, the largest affiliate marketing platform in Romania, Conectoo, the email marketing platform, which sends more than 150,000,000 emails monthly and CookieBox, the cookie management platform.


Adelina Oprea

Founder Champaigns

Adelina Oprea is the Founder of the Champaigns agency and specializes in marketing and in the development of online fashion and lifestyle stores. She started working in marketing 8 years ago as Marketing Manager for ZorileStore. She worked for ZorileStore for three years, and together with the team, turned it into the most visible online shop in 2013, right after eMAG. Then she followed the Sandalandala project and its launch campaign. For the project, she proposed to those who wanted to have a free lifetime stay permanently tattooed with the camping logo.

In 2015, she started working as marketing manager for Fashion UP, and in 2017 she set foot on the entrepreneurship path, setting up Champaigns, the first marketing agency in Romania dedicated to online fashion and lifestyle stores.

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