GPeC E-Commerce Summer School

Between August 21st and 26th, 2019, join us for the 9th annual edition of the GPeC E-Commerce Summer School – the perfect mix of practical trainings, team-building activities and tons of fun with the most amazing people in the e-commerce and online industry!

Check out the vibes of the GPeC 2017 Summer School

The 7th edition of GPeC E-Commerce Summer School took place between August 23-28, 2017, at the Family Hotel Arnica in Moeciu de Sus (Bran, Brașov County).

Over 50 participants joined us for 5 days. They have attended 12 sessions of training on the most important topics for anyone working in e-Commerce, survived the team building adventures, enjoyed the mulled wine by the campfire and the guitar chords that made each evening stand memorable.

Briefly, GPeC E-Commerce Summer School meant, like each year, an infusion of training, practical activities and entertainment, together with the most amazing people in the Romanian e-Commerce. The 2017 edition was, so far, the most appreciated by the participants.

Our colleague, George Hari Popescu, took the pulse of last year’s GPeC Summer School and put it into words on our blog, and into a 3 minutes video assembly that best summarizes what happened. We’ll let the pictures talk. :)

Thank you all for attending! See you this year at #GPeCSummerSchool!

The 4 days of GPeC 2014 E-Commerce Summer School in a few words

GPeC E-Commerce Summer School is the only series of intensive e-commerce trainings in Romania, taking place annualy for 5 days (4 days being training days) in the mountains area of Romania. E-commerce and online marketing entrepreneurs and specialists have gathered during August 27 and September 1 2014 in Moeciu de Sus, Brasov, Romania at Family Hotel Arnica*** din Moeciu de Sus, in a gorgeous mountains setup.


GPeC E-Commerce Summer School was, just like every year, the shortest and most effective way towards essential e-commerce know-how and the place where participants met 17 top e-commerce trainers.

Everything about the 3rd edition of GPeC E-Commerce Summer School

The 3rd edition of the annual GPeC E-Commerce Summer School – the only intensive e-commerce training series in Romania – was held between August 28 – September 2 2013 in Sibiel. We had 50 participants, online shop owners and other e-commerce solutions providers. They participated actively in 11 e-commerce workshops during which the hottest e-commerce topics were debated.

For 5 days, the over 50 participants of the GPeC 2013 E-Commerce Summer School, had the chance to discuss the latest e-commerce trends and topics with our amazing lineup of trainers: conversion optimization, gamification, sales persuasion tactics, mobile commerce, logistics and fast delivery, e-commerce platforms, PPC advertising and remarketing, SEO, shopping cart optimization and Google Analytics. 

The last module of the GPeC E-Commerce Summer School consisted of an interactive groupwork session during which the participants came up with a 6-month marketing strategy for an online shop within a given budget and going through all the information discussed during the previous 11 workshops.

The GPeC 2013 E-Commerce Summer School trainers were some of the best e-commerce specialists on the Romanian market, all having an extensive online experience: Valentin Radu (CEO, Iulian Padurariu (Managing Partner & Founder Marks Romania), Andy Szekely (Founder Bootcamp University), Mihai Paun (CEO & Partner Ascend NetSolutions), Dan Ungureanu (Major Accounts Manager Cargus), Alin Gherman (Director Comercial DPD Romania), Cristian Pena (Chief Software Engineer & Partner Zitec), Alexandru Lapusan (CEO & Founding Partner Zitec), Ionut Munteanu (PPC Specialist, Trainer & Partner WebDigital), Cosmin Negrescu (CEO SEOmonitor), Liviu Taloi (Founder ECOMpedia), Oana Dumitrescu (Online Marketing Manager Zitec) and Andrei Radu (Founder & CEO GPeC).

After the workshops, the participants had the chance to ask the trainers for professional advice and exchange ideas with their other training colleagues.

Last but not least, all the participants and trainers were part of the team-building activities the GPeC team and Wild Escapes organised. The evenings ended with charades playing, fun and networking, all accompanied by beer and wine.

Obviously, the campfire and guitar chords were part of the menu, the Wild Escapes Doru Panaitescu and Mircea Panaitescu brothers ensured all the participants had fun with some of the most well-known Romanian and international songs.

The GPeC 2013 E-Commerce Summer School participants had only nice things to say about the organisation, workshops and overall atmosphere: “The best edition so far: Strategy, Content, Tactics, Analysis and some of the best trainers”, says Cornelia Ureche, Marketing Director Smart ID Romania.

“I want to thank everyone who was with us for 5 these amazing 5 days – both the trainers and the participants – and I hope they had just as much fun as we had and that they will apply the e-commerce know-how they gathered during the workshops in order to grow their business”, says Andrei Radu, Founder & CEO GPeC.

Detailed information about each training day can be found on the GPeC E-Commerce Blog

Participant opinions about the GPeC 2012 E-Commerce Summer School

GPeC 2012 Summer School was a perfect mixture of courses, practical exercises, face to face workshops, panel discussions, socializing, team building and fun. We are certain that you will be left with beautiful memories, just like the participants, specialists and bloggers from last year.

The 50 participants learnt useful things about:

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • marketing and online advertising
  • Web analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • logistics
  • conversion rate optimization and usability
  • social media
  • customer journey

Trainees came from Romanian online stores in various market segments – IT&C, fashion, baby items, petshop, gifts and jewelry etc.

Trainers were important names in Romanian e-commerce and guests in panel discussions were professional players on the domestic market:

  • Liviu Taloi, Site Audit
  • Andrei Radu, GPeC
  • Andrei Georgescu, WhiteImage
  • Cristian Ignat, AdWords Specialist
  • Gabriela Chesaru,
  • Claudiu Murariu, PadiCode
  • CosminNegrescu, SEOmonitor
  • Octavian Badescu, SameDay Courier
  • Costin Radu, The Geeks
  • Marius Ghenea, FIT Distribution
  • George Nicolae,
  • BogdanSocol, SigmaNet

Andrei Radu, GPeC founder, used to say in the 2012 Summer School diary:

According to feedback from participants, the GPeC 2012 Summer School has served its purpose, combining business with pleasure, as we had in mind. I felt sorry for each “goodbye” handshake that I had Monday morning, on September 10. It’s just that I still wanted to have you along!

Read the full diary of last year’s edition.

Liviu Taloi used to say, on his personal blog:

An organizational marathon culminating in Day 4 with a campfire, I think the most publicized campfire on YouTube and on Facebook at the moment, and on day 5 with the teambuilding organized by Doru and Mircea Panaitescu. Besides organizational issues, I think flawless this time, I most enjoyed the involvement of all participants, from the simple questions asked in the conference room, to the 1 to 1 sessions that we had with you.

Working in teams was also the highlight for Silkweb:

Andrei Radu made us all a pleasant surprise by organizing a team work session in his presentation slot. Thus 4 teams were formed, each with a leader, and the main subject was to choose the advertising, development, communication, sales and customer loyalty strategy for an online store present at the table.

The representatives of Allegro Group believed that the trainers were very well chosen:

Training sessions were, in my opinion, well chosen – they covered everything related to online commerce: marketing and promotion, analysis, optimization, conversion. Trainers are practitioners, people working in the field, who brought actual examples and case studies, based on their relevant online experience.

The 2012 Summer School was closely observed by five bloggers who minutely noted and photographed everything about the courses and the fun of the event.

LaviniaBiberi said, on her blog, that she was lucky to participate in last year’s Summer School:

These days, I met some of the very special people in the online environment, in GPeC 2012 Summer School. Whether they are online store managers, trainers, marketing specialists or bloggers. Each of you stands out by something beautiful, something that makes me say out loud: Congratulations for everything you’ve accomplished so far! I am terribly grateful and happy for the chance to have spent this week with you all, for everything I have received, felt, lived, seen and learnt.

Dan Dragomir was pleasantly surprised by the interactive character of trainings and presentations:

In GPeC Summer School we had a pleasant surprise. This was not included in the initial agenda, but came out to be a good addition for all. Instead of witnessing “yet another presentation,” we worked on practical exercises – a pleasant surprise. You will be pleasantly surprises, as participants will stay with something in their heads, practical things that will help them along the way in their work.

SorinRusi noted that the 2012 Summer School meant much more than trainings and meetings with specialists:

New friendships were started, new opportunities occurred for the participant online stores, new partnerships were signed. I loved to see optimistic people, confident in their power and willing to make it with their businesses. I liked to see how the majority of those present were smiling. For several days we were disconnected from everyday life, from the sad topics, politics, etc.

GPeC 2011 E-Commerce Summer School Diary and Participant Feedback

GPeC spent last week in Bran, together with over 25 participants, for the first edition of Romanian intensive e-commerce trainings – GPeC E-Commerce Summer School. Truth be told, I wish I were still there, in the middle of such extraordinary people – everything  was just great, from the know-how the trainers shared with us and the practical experiences the online shops talked about to the open discussions and idea exchange. Not to mention the team-building activities and the fun chat we had every evening… From my point of view, the only thing we regret was the lack of sleep…

Monday, August 29, we arrived in Bran and sat down for a brain-storming session which resulted in a list of questions and answers which were meant to be debated with the trainers. The talks continued after dinner until late at night (or better said, until early in the morning), an excellent opportunity for us to get to know one another, share business situations we’ve been through and create focus groups, sharing our opinions for topics the participants raised.

From tuesday till friday, more than half of each day was reserved for the training sessions. The first training session was Liviu Taloi’s presentation about the way an online shop should be organised, its department structure, the role of each department, the employees task attribution and their monitoring.

The next trainer was Zoltan Somodi (Matrix Business Consulting) who presented the MCSI funding opportunities for e-commerce businesses. Some of the issues we discussed about were eligibility criteria, the terms of granting, the maximum budgets allowed for each applicant’s legal status and geographical localization.

The first training day ended with Ionut Munteanu’s presentation about the SEO process, the role of an SEO consultant, the costs and resources needed for the whole process.

The afternoon was saved for games (like petanque) and chatting and the evening was reserved for the solving of a 1000 pieces puzzle without looking at the final-result picture.

Wednesday morning started with Bogdan Manolea ( who talked about European regulations regarding consumer protection in the online media. Google Romania was present in the 2011 GPeC E-Commerce Summer School through Norbert Simionescu who revealed some insights about effective Google AdWords marketing, campaign monitoring and the rules that Google cares about when showing your ad. Wednesday ended with a case study presented by Mugur Frunzetti ( who talked about his experience from launching MarketOnline until the exit, the mistakes he made, the problems he had and the way he chose the flowers niche for his new business.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool or playing bowling, table-tennis or pool. I must admit that I was defeated by Edi Tecsan ( at table-tennis. On the other hand, I won at pool.

The first autumn day of 2011, thursday, was started by Liviu Taloi’s training about Google Analytics implementation, goal definition and constant monitoring. The whole presentation was focused on tips & tricks. The next presenter was Dorin Boerescu (2Parale) whose training was about product marketing, targeting, audience’s needs verification, product presentation, online PR. Florin Ghinda (Institutul Roman de Training) came up next with a delicious presentation regarding face-to-face and phone sales techniques.

We spent thursday evening trying to find out the mystery of Romeo and Juliet (the names of 2 fish pets) and the puzzle about a gentleman who lived on the 10th floor and got down at the 7th floor each time it was sunny outside and climbed 3 floor on foot, while on rainy daisy he got down directly at the 10th floor.

The last training day started with the most frequent usability mistakes that online shops make (practical examples debated with the participants by the trainer, which was Andrei Radu – CEO & Founder GPeC). The last training session was E-Commerce Social Media, debated by Cristi Manafu (Evensys) and focused on social media, the importance of communicating constantly, the most active 20 Romanian companies and the most popular and effective campaigns.

Friday afternoon ended with a team-building session organised by Wild Escapes (Doru and Mircea Panaitescu). The evening was spent around the campfire with mulled wine and guitar chords, playing Impro with Amia (

Thanks to all the participants, trainers and partners who made possible the evolution of GPeC from a competition to a complex event, focused on the online shops results and not only on the awards they could receive. We had the first E-Commerce Summer School and I hope everyone enjoyed just as much as I did!

Andrei Radu

GPeC E-Commerce Summer School Photo Gallery

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